Top 5 Bunk Bed Bedding Solutions That Make Life Easy

Top 5 Bunk Bed Bedding Solutions That Make Life Easy

Bunk bed bedding exists to make lives easier by saving time and tremendous effort. If you’ve made a bunk bed before, then you get it. Remember the belly flop technique? Good times. Let’s explore various bunk bed bedding solutions and uncover what is the best bedding for bunk beds.

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2Beddy's Jet (Minkey) - For Bunk Beds




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there special bedding for bunk beds?

A: Yes, special bedding for bunk beds exists. For good reason too because of the unique problem bunk beds create. 

It is hard to keep the bed made, tucked, and the bedding even. You will spend time flopping around tucking corners and trying to keep your comforter and sheet from hanging off the side. 

Let’s face it. Most people, including our kids, don’t want to make their beds every day. The last thing we want is to make the chore more difficult and annoying because it won’t get done.
This is where bunk bed bedding solutions come in handy. Special sheets, comforters, and sets are available to make your life more manageable.
These special bedding solutions come in various forms: fitted, zippered, and inseparable. There are also all-in-one options which are amazing. Rather than having a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, and quilt, they are sewn into one. You can also chose to buy everything on their own which does add some complexity. You now have four layers to select.
Comforters alone go by many names. Bed caps, bed huggers, bunk bed comforters, fitted comforters, and hugger comforters. They are all the same thing but brands call them different things.
Note that loft beds, captain beds, platform beds, and low profile beds can have similar issues requiring special bedding.
Have you ever slept in a sleeping bag on top of your mattress? This is what alot of this special bedding remind me of, albiet more comfy.
You don’t feel as restricted, plus it is as easy to clean up afterward. Rather than zipping the bag and rolling it, zip the bedding and call it a day.
Another thing that this special bedding usually has is deep pockets. It prevents this from happening which is especially annoying on bunk beds.
Coupled with all-in-one bedding, it will also even save you time when washing and drying.

Q: What is a bed bunk hugger?

A: Bed bunk “hugger” is another way of saying “tailored” and generally refers to comforters. They make them this way to fit your mattress exactly. 

This helps ensure that there the comforter is even and there is not excess overhang. The two corners at the bottom of the mattress fit like your standard fitted sheet. This removes the need to tuck excess comforter underneath the mattress. It also prevents bunching at the foot of the bed.

Q: Can Adults Use Bunk Beds?

A: Of course, they can!

Laying with your children on their bunk beds is fine for the short term. If you want something more suited for adults, then buy an adult bunk bed. They offer better head clearance, higher weight limits, and with a sophisticated design.
An average bunk bed will have approximately 35”-37” of clearance between the bottom and top bunks. This does not include the mattress which takes up another 6”-8”.
Adult bunk beds have between 41”-53” of clearance between the bottom and top bunks.
Specify the head clearance if possible based on your ceiling height. According to Andreana Lefton and Bob Villa, newer houses are being built with nine-foot ceilings and sometimes eight-foot on the second story.
Weight limits also increase. The average bottom bunk can hold between 200 lbs and 450 lbs while the top bunk holds between 200lbs and 300 lbs. Expect less expensive beds to accommodate lower rather than upper weight limits. 
Adult bunk beds will hold 500 lbs to 2000 lbs per platform and are available in sizes up to California King.
While you and your sleeping partner may not need an adult bunk bed for daily use, they come in handy in other ways. For example, adult bunk beds are perfect for vacation homes, guest rooms, and college dorms. Loft beds can be ideal for anyone in tiny living environments and smaller apartments.

Q: Should Bunk Bed Bedding Match?

A: It depends on your personal preference and theme. Is this for your children who are sharing a bunk bed or for a permanent guest bedroom? 

For the former, I would argue that it should not matter if the bedding match or not. Your children will want to personalize their bunk and make it their own. Let them! 

Say child A loves Star Wars while child B loves horses. Allow them to showcase their personalities and own this choice. This sense of ownership may compel them to keep their beds tidy since they want it to look good for others.
According to Pennsylvania State University, giving children choices helps them feel powerful and provides an increased sense of control over what they do.
For the latter, a permanent guest room, your bunk bed bedding can go one of two ways. Some guests will likely appreciate the uniformity of matching bedding. You can keep things hotel-like in resemblance and even symmetrical.
If you want to keep things interesting and not matching, keep the two bunks on the theme.
Here is an example of a beach house themed room.
Paint the room a light blue. Buy white wicker dressers and nightstands. Hang pictures of the ocean and a shelf filled with sand and shells. Use sky blue bedding on the top bunk and a sandy brown on the bottom.
Guests will appreciate your attention to detail and know that you go above and beyond to make them comfortable.

Q: Do Twin Sheets Fit Bunk Beds?

A: Yes, but there are annoyances that special bunk bed bedding mitigates. 

For example, regular flat sheets tend to hang over the side and bunch at the end of the bed. Comforters are also usually oversized. This will cause your top bunk to look especially unkempt. You then have to move the bed away from your wall and tuck the bedding underneath the mattress. Bunk bed bedding addresses these issues through zippered or hugger designs. 

Your fitted sheet should have especially deep pockets. This way they will not lift up and pop off of the corners. Retucking them every morning is obnoxious. It will make it harder for you, guests, and children to make the bed.
If you have a pair of twin sheets at home, feel free to use them. They may cause minor grievances, but you already own them. You don’t have to go online, run to the store, or wait for shipping.
If the need is short term, use what you have. If you need bedding for any more than the occasional guest, buy new bedding. Special bunk bed bedding that will save you time and headache in the future.

Q: What Size Sheets Fits Bunk Beds?

A: Your standard size sheets will fit a bunk bed. Twin sheets will fit a twin mattress and so on. 

The difference is that their design caters to the unique challenges that bunk beds have. This means fitted and zippered, with a hugger comforter. This will make it easier to make and look the best with minimal effort.

Q: How Do You Make A Bunk Bed Look Pretty?

A: There are two ways to do this. 

One way is to coordinate the bunk bed frame with your ancillary furniture and bedding. Make sure that the top and bottom bunks are using matching bedding or at least coordinated and on the theme. The other way is to buy a bedazzler and go to town on your comforters. Only joking, but keep the beds made and your bunk bed will look pretty.

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