Bunk Bed Dimensions: Comprehensive List Plus Top 5 Variations

Bunk Bed Dimensions: Comprehensive List Plus Top 5 Variations


Bunk beds can be had in many shapes, sizes, and variations from the “standard” bed-over-bed configuration to L-shaped treehouse loft bunk beds with stairs. If you are looking to better understand if you are able to fit a bunk bed into your available space, then you’ve come to the right place.

What Are standard Bunk Bed Dimensions?

Standard bunk bed dimensions can be classified by what is most popularly searched: twin over full size. The standard configuration is 79” Length x 69” Width X 65” Height and includes roughly 10” of space between the bottom bunk and the floor. This does not account for a trundle bed, just open space for storage. Average space between top and bottom bunk is 36” and 40” without your mattress depth added. Standard bunk bed dimensions should also pertain to non-adult bunk beds as those have larger bunk bed dimensions.

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 There are many variations for the twin over full size bunk bed models that include stairs, slides, lofts, L-shapes, different themes and decorations, trundles, and even compact versions that reduce the sizing slightly. Some beds eliminate the 10” of space between the floor and bottom bunk effectively lowering the total bunk bed height to roughly 55” rather than 65”. Trundle beds generally have 15” of space between the floor and its bottom bunk instead of 10”. Note that these bunk beds are designed for non-adults and are built to hold lower weights.

Non-standard bunk bed dimensions of the twin over full size bunk bed have the following sizes for reference:

Twin over full with trundle: 80 Length x 57” Width x 60” – 65” Height 

Twin over full with stairs: 92” – 103” Length x 52’’ – 59” Width x 62” – 69” ’Height

Twin over full with trundle and stairs: 92″ Length x 58″ Width x 65″ Height

Twin over full L-shaped and treehouse themed: 79” Length x 79” Width x 82” Height

Twin over full L-shaped loft with dresser: 80” Length x 80” Width x 64” Height

In the end, although there are bunk beds with more common dimensions based on popularity, your room planning will rely on the specific bunk bed that you decide to buy or make. 

Here are standard sizes of the most popular bunk bed configurations:

Twin/Twin 82” Length x 42” Width x 65” Height

Twin/Full 79” Length x 69” Width x 65” Height

Twin XL/Queen 83” Length x 63” Width x 65” Height

Full/Full 80” Length x 58” Width x 65” Height

Full XL/Queen 83” Length x 63” Width x 65” Height

Queen/Queen 83” Length x 63” Width x 65” Height

Triple Twin 79” Length x 57” Width x 74” Height

If you want a better visual of various bunk bed dimensions and even of their individual quirks, check this out!

How tall is a bunk bed?

The average bunk bed height is 65”. Triple bunk beds add another foot, approximately. Adult bunk beds are between 87” – 112” in height, depending on your ceiling height. Average ceiling height is between 8’ and 10’. The average gap between your floor and the bottom bunk is 10”. The average space between bottom bunk and top bunk is 36” and 40”.

How are bunk beds measured?

Bunk beds are measured from end to end lengthwise and widthwise. Measure the bed height from your floor to your bed’s highest point. Bed length will be affected by stairs, ladder, bookshelf, dresser, or other add-ons. Bed width will change depending on if the bunks are parallel or perpendicular resulting in an L-shape. Slides and ladders will also affect the bed width, along with other theme based designs. This will vary depending on the guard rails, ladder, or other craftsmanship in the case of themed beds. Popular themes include treehouses and castles. 

A few things measurements to consider are spacing between floor and bottom bunk, spacing between the bottom and top bunks, and spacing between the top bunk and the ceiling once the bed is placed inside of the room.

How much headroom is there between beds?

The average space between bottom bunk and top bunk is 36” and 40” but will vary on lofts and triple bunks.

Do bunk beds require special mattress sizes?

No, bunk beds do not require special mattress sizes. They will require special bedding however due to the nature and discomfort of making the bed. If you’ve ever tried making your bed when sleeping on a bunk bed, you will know exactly what I mean. We recommend using special sheets to simplify this process and keep your bunks looking tidy.


Bunk beds are a special type of frame that allows users to connect. Common places to find bunk beds include children’s rooms,  dorms, and rental properties. They come in many shapes and sizes so you need to know how much room you have to work with and also the bunk bed dimensions of the specific unit you are looking to install. Remember, ceiling height is extremely important. 

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