Best Gun Concealment Furniture For Families in 2020

Best Gun Concealment Furniture For Families in 2020


What Is Concealment Furniture?

Gun concealment furniture exists to keep firearms and other objects readily available while being stored out of sight.

The purpose is to have safe, discreet storage that increases both convenience and security, especially if you have roommates or children. Furniture of this nature is categorized by disguise, gun type, and mechanism.

Disguises include wall art, nightstands, shelves, and more; gun types include handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more; mechanisms include magnetic keys, traditional keys, or RFID keys. 

You can make or buy this type of furniture but being a less than handy woodworker, it’s best to leave the building to professionals. Concealment furniture requires precision and high-quality materials for it to function properly. You can also buy things using standard options but it is also normal to want concealment furniture customized that meets your specifications. 

Best Concealment Furniture

Best Concealment Nightstand

Best Budget / Amazing Utility

concealment furniture nightstand

Best Heavy Duty / Most Options

most options-nightstand

Best Standard / Beautiful Design


Best Gun Concealment Shelf

Best For Shotgun Or Handguns


best For Long Barrel Firearms


Best Gun Concealment Wall Art

Best Overall Gun Concealment Wall Art


Best Dual Compartment Small Concealment Flag


Best Tri Compartment Large Concealment Flag

Best Concealment Canvas

Best Concealment Wall Art With An Incredible Story


Best Man Cave Wall Art


Best Concealment Wall Art For Entryways

Best Concealment Wall Art For the Kitchen


Best Concealment Cross

Best Gun Concealment Coat Rack

Best Overall

Best Gun Concealment Bed Frame

Best Overall


Best Gun Concealment Coffee Table

Best Overall

Best Gun Concealment End Tables

Best Quick Draw


Best Top Slider


Best Gun Concealment Lamp

Best Overall


Best Gun Concealment Mirror

Best Overall


Best Gun Concealment Picture Frame Safe

Best Small Frame


Best Large Frame


Best Gun Concealment Clocks Gun Safe

Best Overall

Best Gun Concealment Bookcases

Tied For best

Tied For Best


Why Do I Need Concealment Furniture?

Concealment furniture can be used for anything valuable and in many cases can replace a safe. This keeps your most important items safe from harm and out of reach from children, guests, or home invaders. 

You are taking a proactive step toward securing your possessions and family when investing in quality concealment furniture. It must blend in with its environment and others should never suspect a thing. 

This is something that my wife and I have been looking into lately because of current events in the United States and abroad. We just never know what might happen. We don’t currently own a gun, safe, or any concealment furniture but this is going to change over the next week. 

We’re planning on buying two handguns, signing up for a gun safety course, and learning the basics of shooting. Having three kids under the age of four is too much responsibility for us to not own a gun, nor know how to use one. 

That brings us the next issue of gun concealment and storage? This has been the point that stopped us from buying a gun in the past. 

After reading stories from across the web, we weren’t confident enough to bring a gun into the house. 

On one hand, if we keep the guns in a safe in the garage, for example, our firearms would be inaccessible when we really needed them. On the other hand, if we left the guns in a drawer or anywhere that wasn’t locked, I would fear that others including our children might find and have access to them. 

What I like about the concept of gun concealment furniture is that it combines both convenience and safety into harmony. You are able to keep your items safely stowed away without the risk of anyone accessing them while also being stored in convenient locations around your home. 

Once we figured this out, it was time to do some research and look into our best options. I’ve compiled a list for you that is broken up by disguise, gun type, and mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Concealment Furniture Made?

Concealment furniture is generally hand-crafted by expert woodworking experts and obviously depends on the type of furniture being crafted however the concept is the same. 

Componentry includes a disguise built from American hardwoods with hollow space that allows one to store objects covertly. 

These hidden areas require rails, hinges, chains, latches, and some form of lift support. 

Inside of each space may include shelving, racks, or foam insert meant to be customized by the owner for their specific needs. The furniture generally locks using magnets, RFID, or biometrics.

This video shows how to make a stealth shelf from start to finish in just over ten minutes. I starting watching to to get some ideas and wound up watching the entire thing! It’s a great video.

Where Should You Hide Your Gun At Night?

Your guns should be stored away and out of sight when not in use. 

The safest place for your firearms to be hidden is either inside of your safe or concealment furniture. Be sure that your safe or furniture is in fact locked at all times and that you do not accidentally leave them vulnerable. 

Note that home invaders generally look for safes inside of your home and are knowledgeable of the most common places they may be hiding. 

For this reason, I would buy a dummy safe as a trap for burglars while keeping your true valuables stashed inside of heavy pieces of furniture. As far as your guns are concerned, keeping them inside of your bedroom is likely your best bet. 

Make sure that you keep your keys readily available and have a plan in place.

How Can You Hide Your Safe In Your Closet?

Oftentimes the best place to hide your safe is inside of the floor or wall. If you want to save yourself some trouble, relying on a professionally built piece of concealment furniture is your second best option. 

In this case, your “safe” could be a concealment dresser inside of your closet. If you do opt for a safe, be sure to bolt it down in order to keep thieves from taking it back to their evil layer for dismantling.

Is It Dangerous To Sleep With A Gun Under Your Pillow?

From what I’ve read, it is dangerous and there will always be a chance of accidental misfire but there are steps that can be taken to prevent injury.

The most important precautions are to keep your safety engaged and ensure that there is not a bullet loaded. 

The solution seems much simpler however because from what I’ve read, violent middle-of-night burglaries resulting in injury to the victims are remarkably uncommon. 

This isn’t to say that the thought of it happening to you is not scary or reason to keep a firearm accessible, but rather sleeping with a firearm underneath your pillow seems equally extreme. 

I plan on keeping my firearm inside of a nice piece of wall art inside my bedroom, along with ammunition and magazines. 

If you want to increase safety, try hiding your magazines or ammunition inside of a concealment clock, dresser, nightstand, shelf, or any of the other furniture options available.

This way even if a child or stranger, on some off chance, locates your secret stash, they will be forced to find the other components separately. 

I probably wouldn’t go through the extra trouble of doing this and would opt for keeping my secret stash consolidated and locked at all times.

How To Make A Secret Hiding Spot In Your Room?

There are many ways to create secret hiding spots inside of your room. 

Common ways include cutting into your wall or floor, but why go through the trouble when you can hide something in plain sight? 

Adding concealment furniture has the added bonus of keeping your firearm collection discreet. Owning a massive gun safe or vault tells the entire neighborhood that you own firearms. 

This could be a good thing for you if discretion isn’t a factor, but other people may also want to keep this knowledge away from their families as well. 

While keeping secrets from your family isn’t generally a positive thing, some people may feel that they have no choice but to buy a firearm to increase home security and do not want their spouse or children to know.

Where Do Burglars Look For Money and Valuables?

Let’s first take a look at what it is that burglars are looking for. The best items are easy to carry and are quick to resell. 

This includes cash, jewelry, guns, small electronics, personal identification, credit cards, and high ticket prescription drugs. 

This means that burglars are heading straight for the master bedroom first because most people store their most valuable items there. 

Your bathroom is likely next and then possibly the children’s rooms for personal electronics, your kitchen counter for important paperwork left laying around, home offices, and the garage. 

Other places include underneath mattresses, closets, dresser drawers, and even your freezer in case you freeze your credit cards.

Legal Disclaimer

As a responsible gun owner, you must recognize the need and be aware of the methods of childproofing your gun, whether or not you have children!

1. Use a trigger or action locking device and store gun in proper gun safe, you can’t put a price on safety.

2. Always store gun unloaded.

3. Store the ammunition separately in a locked container.

4. Make sure the location you store your gun and ammunition is not easily accessible to children.

5. If you have teenagers or small children you know their level of curiosity. A teenager will go to great lengths to impress a friend. Thus gaining access to your lock box or gun cabinet.