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Have you ever slept nine hours and felt like you only slept for three? Not cool. 

We commit to the highest quality reviews and research so that you can spend higher quality time at work and leisure. We’re finding ways to supercharge your sleep and identifying opportunities for rest throughout the day because sometimes the problem isn’t about getting enough sleep but finding ways of fitting it into our crazy busy lives! The truth is you have more to do, more to worry about, and face infinitely more distractions than ever before. We’ll help you retake a youthful vibrancy by getting more rest in less time so that you get back to living.

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Sleep = 
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Hello and welcome to my personal blog and soon to be sleep media empire! Only kidding but like I said we do have big plans for the site! A few things about me. My name is James, my wife and I have three kids together, and we both manage full-time careers. I’ve found success in various business development roles since graduating from an amazing State University. I studied Communication and Media Studies so that I can research and present information like a boss. My wife and I do our best to juggle family, friends, hobbies, social media, errands, household chores, and more but there are never enough hours in the day. Not only that but I regularly feel exhausted and have a hard time mustering the energy to truly enjoy my leisure by day’s end whether that means playing with our kids, cooking dinner, practicing piano, or pursuing other hobbies. Although our content relates to sleep, what we’re really getting at is energy, a youthful vibrancy, and total wellbeing. We want to help you get more out of the sleep you can get and find moments to recharge throughout your busy days.

My Story

For most of my adult life I have attempted to cheat sleep and hack productivity. I believed that sleep was a necessary evil, and constantly sought a magic pill that would allow me to sleep less and do more. An issue that has plagued me for years is low quality rest, often getting eight or nine hours of sleep but feeling the same or worse as when I was only sleeping for four or five hours. Not only would I still feel exhausted in the morning but frustrated that I had wasted time when I could have been up doing something more productive. 

Looking back, I’ve never been overly fond of sleep. As a young boy I would stay up long past my bedtime fiddling with toys or watching television. After my parents split up in high school, I became very depressed and spent most of my time sleeping on my dad’s green couch. I slept on that sofa for roughly four years and have no idea how I did it. It was far from comfortable but I didn’t know any better. Being young helped I’m sure.

After leaving for college, I brought along an old spring mattress that my mom gave to me. I didn’t know it at the time but this bed would be my primary sleep companion for many years to come. Sophomore year I bought an Eastern King mattress from Craigslist for $250 (horrible idea). The previous owner had stored the mattress in their garage without a mattress protector and within a few months, I started noticing little red dots on my leg. It turns out that the mattress was host to a colony of bed bugs and so it was off to the dump where it belonged. I was back to my old twin mattress which I spent most of my nights sharing with a girlfriend. You couldn’t roll an inch without falling off the bed. 

For six months, I was homeless and moved into a friends’ garage. They had a very old sofa bed that I used while my things were in storage. I swear to you: I have never seen so many spiders in my life then when I lived in that garage. It was through winter and I slept curled up under two comforters and a broken space heater. To make things better, the washer and dryer was only a few feet away. I would be woken up every night by one of the four roommates loading up that noisy and unbalanced machine to run overnight. 

I was homeless for another short period of time in between apartments and slept in my little Ford Focus. That only lasted about 45 days and was likely the least comfortable arrangement of my life. This was just before moving into a legendary studio apartment in Ventura, CA where I was back to sleeping on my original twin bed. I was there for about eight months before moving a few more times, often sharing rooms and still trying to find rest on the little twin mattress that could. 

That brings us to 2016. My girlfriend was soon to be my wife, school was over, we were having a son together, and once again I’m moving to be closer to our families. At this point, we had upgraded from my twin bed to my wife’s full-sized mattress from her childhood. It was a small improvement and we used it for one year before her grandmother gifted us our first new mattress. The experience was nothing shy of a revelation. We had laid on many mattresses, took notes, and compared the prices before making a final decision to purchase the Diamond brand Eastern King size mattress with a metal frame and box springs. 

This mattress changed my life. It opened my eyes to what level of rest is possible and made me aware that there are optimal ways of sleeping and destructive ways of sleeping. I had been doing it very wrong for a very long time. It is no wonder that I didn’t rush to bed when there were so many things wrong with my sleep environment. I never explored sleep masks, temperature controls, ear plugs, mattress pads, sleep aids, or any of the incredible sleep tools that exist today. 

These experiences, now coupled with my increasingly demanding schedule, lead me to start Sleepyllama. My wife and I are up to three kids and we both have full-time careers. We do our best to juggle family, friends, hobbies, social media, errands, household chores, and more but there are never enough hours in the day. This is exacerbated by sleep deprivation from countless nights of either little sleep or poor quality sleep because face it; everything sucks more when you aren’t rested. Everything is harder, we have less patience, thoughts don’t move as quickly, there is less willpower to exercise or diet, and this is barely scratching the surface. Not only is the world moving faster than ever before but how are we meant to keep up when we are constantly running on empty? I’m determined to uncover every best sleep practice that exists while learning to capture and get the most from moments throughout the day that allow us to rest, recover, and recharge.